Who is Mo?

Morgan is a tiny 28 year old photographer from Paris, France, photographing the world since 2009. The reason why I travel and try and see as much of the world as possible is because I believe the Earth is a beautiful place where everything deserves to be seen and shared. People on this planet are all different, yet we are all the same. I believe that we should learn from our differences instead of fighting each other for being another self. And I believe in the times we are going through now, more than ever we need to be reminded that being a human being means loving each other despite how different we can be. I think that the only way we can grow as human beings and live, instead of just surviving, is by learning from each others and from other people and cultures from the world. We are more than just a piece of flesh on the Earth. And I want to try and show through my photos all the beautiful things the world can teach me through my journey around the world and along life. No one knows what the future brings, so all we can do is make most of the present so we can fully live. That is what I am trying to do while traveling. Because I know I have so much to learn from everywhere and everyone, and I want to see and do as much of it as possible before I die. And I hope through my photos I can make you love the world and the people that inhabit our beautiful planet as much as I do !!

What has she done?

I have started photography in 2009 and studied at Icart Photo in Paris from 2011 to 2014. Since then, i have worked with various web-magazines such as Spread Their Sound and Plug-In Mag as a photographer, journalist, and editor. I have collaborated with numerous bands including Fight For Ashes, FRCTRD, le BangBang, and many more. I also have worked as a photographer in the restaurant le 58 Tour Eiffel and the Sydney Tower Eye Buffet, as well as many other things across France and Australia, where i have lived for 2 years.